Noncredit ESL Assessment Test

The Noncredit ESL Assessment at West Valley College has two parts: Reading Assessment and Writing Assessment. The assessment helps us recommend the best ESL level for you to successfully learn and develop your speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills in English.

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Reading Level 1 Assessment - 


Please read the passage and answer True or False to the questions below.

Dan works at the post office.  He is a mail carrier.  A mail carrier delivers mail to people’s houses.  Dan has been delivering the mail for eight years, and he is bored with his job.

Dan has been taking classes at night to become a manager.  He wants to apply for a new management position that is opening up in his department, but he is worried that his co-workers will not want to take orders from him.  They might not like it when he tells them what to do.  He does not want to lose friends, but he really wants to become a manager at the post office.  Also, he wants to make more money, so he can buy a house.

What should Dan do?  How can he solve his problem?

1. Dan works at a doctor’s office.*
2. Mail carriers deliver mail to vehicles.*
3. Dan is not interested in his job. *
4. Dan has been a mail carrier for eighty years.*
5. Dan has been studying to become a manager.*
6. Dan’s department will need a manager soon.*
7. Our co-workers are people with whom we work.*
8. Dan thinks his co-workers will like him to tell them what to do.*
9. Managers tell workers what work to do and how to do it.*
10. Dan wants to buy a house.*
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Reading Level 2 Assessment:


Please read the passage and answer five multiple choice questions below. Choose the best answer.

Herb was just too mad at his parents to speak. They were driving from Connecticut to the Grand Canyon. He had dreaded this trip and had begged to stay with his friends while they were gone. His parents were determined that he would go with them. They thought it would be a great trip for him. Herb was not convinced of this at all. He could not think of anything worse. 

They left on a rainy Saturday morning in July and would drive for at least twelve hours a day. Herb tried to entertain himself in the car by playing with his Gameboy and listening to his music. He was miserable. His parents tried to talk to him about the trip. He did not want to hear it.

After several awful days in the car and hotels at night, they arrived. He stepped out of the car and took a deep breath. He could not believe his eyes. It was beautiful!

1. Why did Herb not stay with his friends while his parents went to the Grand Canyon?
2) Herb’s parents tried to convince him that _________.
3) What did Herb do to entertain himself in the car?
4) Which of the following is a synonym for the word ‘miserable’?
5) Which of the following probably happened after Herb saw the Grand Canyon?
Check the box below to confirm you are finished

Reading Level 3 Assessment:


Please read the passage and choose the best answer to the multiple choice questions below.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869, in Porbandar, British India. India was a British colony then. Gandhi was an Indian lawyer and politician who became the leader of the movement against British rule in India. He is considered the Father of India.  

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was Gandhi’s real name. Mahatma means “great soul”. He helped India win independence. Gandhi was against violence. He led peaceful protests. Non-violence was important to Gandhi.  

Gandhi was a vegetarian. He lived simply. He made his own clothes. He worked for a better life for poor people. He was a popular leader.  

During the decades of freedom fight, Gandhi was imprisoned several times. India became free from British rule in 1947. In 1948, Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi.

The idea of non-violence that Gandhi believed in inspired people around the world. Martin Luther King, Jr. led non-violent protests for civil rights in the USA. He said Gandhi inspired him. President Nelson Mandela of South Africa also learned from Gandhi’s peaceful protests to fight for his people. President Barack Obama considers Gandhi his hero. His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet has the greatest admiration for Gandhi. Cesar Chavez adopted Gandhi’s ways to fight for farm worker rights in the USA.

1) Gandhi is known as the Father of India because ____________________.
2) _______________was an important idea Gandhi had that inspired people.
3) Why do you think Gandhi was a vegetarian?
4) What does ‘assassinated’ mean?
5) Name some people in the USA who were inspired by Gandhi’s idea of non-violence

Writing Assessment: please take up to 30 minutes to write your response.


Please  choose ONE of the prompts below and write a response.

1. Write two paragraphs describing two activities you do with your family on weekends. Give reasons why you do these activities.

2. Write two paragraphs describing two interesting places you have visited. Give reasons why they were interesting to you.

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